Divorce Nightmares


Our new life and the EX wife (more)




Dealing With the Terrible Ex-Husband (more)



Her ex’s love-fest is on TV (more)



She took the house… literally (more)



Sex with estranged wife left this man with two years in prison (more)



Discussing custody after wife’s DUI got this dad jailed (more)




Marrying a Bipolar woman has changed me forever (more)



Enter Prince Charming (more)



10 divorce stories too strange to make up (more)



10 divorce stories you won’t believe (more)



Ex-president accused of sleeping with daughter-in law in divorce hearing (more)




Think your divorce was messy? These stories are reeeally bad. Six short divorce stories (more)



Let’s be friends (more)



Michael’s story (more)



Honey, I’ll give you the garage (more)



Not sure what to do with your wedding ring…here is a thought (more)




World’s worst divorce, so far (more)



The big toe loss (more)



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