Monster Nightmares


Chinese airport closed after fiery UFO is spotted flying over city (more)



The woman with back to front legs (more)


Monster of the Deep: Scientists find fossil skull of 43ft long whale which had 14in teeth (more)



Indonesian man develops tree like features with roots growing out from his hands and feet (more)



The Mutter Museum – preserved human fetal specimens, medical oddities and anatomical specimens (more)



The Tarim Mummies of Xinjiang (more)




Ten mysterious places on Google Earth (more)



Texas women acts like dog, eats raw deer, claims to be werewolf (more)



Sheep gives birth to human-faced lamb in Turkey (more)



Musée de la Médecine (more)



A pretty villa with an hourly infestation of monsters (more)



The real science and history of vampires (more)


Russian fishermen catch squeaking alien and eat it (more)




The parasite museum (more)



Seven famous werewolves (more)



Alien graveyard found (more)



The rat temple (more)



A Werewolf legend (more)


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