Death Nightmares

deaths-death nightmares



Successful doctor who had it all convicted of killing his wife (more)



Zoo horror: man butchered by bears in Ukraine (more)



Shipment of heads intercepted (more)



Seven children and two adults were hacked to death at a kindergarten in a Chinese school (more)


Is King Tut’s penis missing? (more)



Anatomical Theatre (more)



Lombrosp’s Museum of Criminal Anthropology (more)



Was this beauty queen brutally killed by someone in her own family? (more)



The Purgatory Museum – cases of souls in purgatory coming back to earth to haunt the living (more)



7 convicted in deaths of more than 7,000 Muslim men (more)




Teenage best friends thought they could commit the perfect crime (more)



Somali soccer fans executed by Islamic Militants for watching World Cup match (more)



Taliban reportedly executes 7-year-old Afghan ‘Spy’ (more)




Crime-scene investigators said the murder victim suffered an “explosive decapitation with evisceration of the brain” (more)



U.S. border guard shoots 14 year old boy dead for throwing stones at him (more)


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