Top Films

Horror movies have fascinated fans throughout their history, sparking the darker side of the imagination. Be it suspense or gore that sends chills down your spine and keeps you awake at night, we have a list of the top must see horror films.

Alien Films– The thought of making contact with an alien life-form has intrigued humanity almost from the dawn of time, but what if those lifeforms are hostile? From aliens running a muck on the planet earth, to aliens invading space stations, we have your alien nightmares covered.

Monster Films – Since most of us were small enough to believe in the boogeyman or the monster under the bed, we have feared the strange and unusual. From killer dinosaurs to experiments gone wrong, we have the monsters you fear.

Supernatural Films– Films featuring things that go bump in the night. From ghosts and goblins to werewolves, all your cursed and creeping nightmares reside here.

New Nightmare Films – The latest nightmares. Check this category for write-ups of the newest nightmares Hollywood has to offer.

Vampire Films – Bloodsucking villains from your darkest nightmares are featured in this section. Whether you like your vampires to be creepy sewer dwelling monsters of the most hideous variety or the worst type of monster, hiding in plain sight that can only come out at night, we have the vampire for you.

Zombie Films – The zombie apocalypse has many origin stories and the resulting monsters live in many people’s worst nightmares. However, whether shambling or freaky fast, these nightmare monsters have one thing in common…they hunger for brains.

Movie Nightmares Photos – If you are interested in blood curdling photos from your favorite movies, then this section is for you. It features photos from over 16 movies.