Top 10 Outer Limits Episodes

The Top 10 Classic Outer Limits Episodes

Our picks for the most memorable Outer Limits episodes…

borderland-outerlimitsThe Borderland

Scientists develop a technique for sending living matter into another dimension, which may be the after life.

ol-controlled-experimentControlled Experiment

Martians conduct an experiment on Earth to determine if it should be left alone or destroyed.

CorpusEarthling4Corpus Earthling

A guy with a metal plate in his head begins to hear the voices of talking rocks.


out-of-woodworkIt Crawled Out of the Woodwork

A strange energy creature is kept locked up in an energy research lab.

glass-handDemon With A Glass Hand

A man with a robot hand, (which holds the secrets to mankind’s destiny), battles weird time travelers from the future.

things-unknownThe Forms of Things Unknown

A strange young man, with a “time tilting” device, has the power to bring the dead back to life.


galaxy-beingThe Galaxy Being

A radio technician gets in contact with an alien, with unexpected results.

ol-dragonThe 100 Days of the Dragon

A powerful Asian nation replaces a front running U.S. presidental candidate with a lookalike double.

inheritorsThe Inheritors

Four men, with alien brains, work together on an vast and mysterious project.

The Man Who Was Never Born

A mutant from the far future travels back in time in order to prevent a plague which wrecked the world.