Work Nightmares


Man fired for wearing Packers tie to work (more)



Two stabbings at Long Island school (more)



Unusual police call – Naked woman steals cars, leads officers on chase (more)



10 worst employees ever (more)



Traffic PC jailed for having sex with women in exchange for letting them off driving offenses (more)



Pro Mexican wrestler punches fan in the face (more)




When bosses attack: Real-life horror stories (more)



Paranoid career killer (more)



Death is not a valid excuse (more)



My boss wanted me to kill her dog (more)



Wal-Mart greeter, 72, punched in face (more)




Burn baby Burn (more)



Day-Care worker pins kids to mattresses as discipline control (more)



Why drive-thru workers deserve respect….Taco Bell employee (more)



Mom, Pop and too much more (more)



Who cares about family!!! (more)




Hillbilly Business Practices: 101 (more)



Woman awarded $580,000 in hostile work environment case (more)



Really scary/insane boss (more)



Trials and terrors of a vending machine service man (more)



The slap-happy boss (more)




Employees made to wear diapers and eat baby food (more)



I didn’t realize I could see into the future! (more)


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