Top TV Shows

Top horror TV shows from science fiction with killer robots to the traditional blood-thirsty supernatural killer. These shows give hours of spin-chilling thrills. Find out what shows we think are worth their salt and worth your time. Checkout our complete section of Outer Limits episodes.

Alien TV Shows – Whether you are looking for a show about conspiracies or the end of the world, we have the right Aliens for you. Check out our list of some of the best alien shows on television.

Monster TV Shows – What type of blood-thirsty creature lurks in your darkest imagination? Check out our list of monster shows on the television. It is sure to bring your imagination one step closer to reality.

Supernatural TV Shows – Looking for science fiction where you encounter the strange and unusual? How about unnatural creatures that are beyond imagining? Check this section out for a list of the best shows to watch.

Classic Outer Limits Episodes – Read reviews of all the classic Outer Limits episodes, a show that focuses on the science fiction and the supernatural. Find out which episodes we think are worthy of being on our top ten list.

Vampire TV Shows – Valleygirl Vampire Slayers to blood-thirsty creatures of the night. We have the list of some of the best Vampire shows on television.

Werewolf TV Shows – From teen wolves to a secret werewolves living alongside humans, we have the best television shows focusing on those cursed creatures controled by the full moon.

Zombie TV Shows – From protecting the city from the undead to surviving the zombie apocalypse, this section has the best zombie television shows to watch.